About Coastal Calm Reflexology

Welcome to Coastal Calm Reflexology. Providing holistic therapies to West and North Norfolk,  based in Heacham.

Hello my name is Sarah and I look forward to meeting you and discussing your health and well-being requirements.

I have been a reflexologist for over 10 years, I  provide treatments that will support you spiritually, mentally as well as physically.

 I have continuously developed my skills to be able to support people of all ages and genders in a calming, nurturing space.  My clients appreciate my nursing and health care knowledge that complements their holistic therapy experience.

I have 37 years experience as Registered Nurse (Adults and Children).   Some 10 years ago I realised I wished to provide a holistic treatment that can work alongside modern healthcare, so  I trained as a reflexologist.

I am so passionate about the  therapies I provide and even now I am amazed with the benefits my clients report back to me. I love this! I provide a gentle but effective treatment which my clients all comment about.

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People come to see me not only to help support their  wellbeing,  but also to hep with their sinus issues, ear issues, bruxism (jaw issues), pain, reducing oedema and for facial treatments to also improve structure and look of their skin

There are no legal requirements for the regulation of reflexology training like there is with nurse training therefore for your reassurance and protection I am a member of the Association of Reflexologist and registered for reflexology with the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council, you can find me and others in your area here: Association of Reflexologists Members 

My certificates and insurance details are available on request.

I hold a current enhanced DBS check.


Why choose reflexology?
Reflexology is a relaxing complementary therapy that promotes your well-being. It has a theoretical basis that certain areas on the feet, hands, ears or face relate and correspond to parts of the body.
Coastal Calm Reflexology is able to provide face, feet or hand reflexology for you, adapted according your  requirements.

As a complementary therapy, reflexology is delivered holistically to aid relaxation and improve a sense of well-being, it can help in supporting you physically and emotionally.

Reflexology works on the premise that there are reflexes on the feet, face and hand that are aligned to the body systems and organs. It was original developed alongside medical treatments.

As with all complementary therapies,  reflexology works in harmony with the body and supports people alongside any health care they may be receiving.  It is not intended to replace medical health care.  Some medical healthcare services work with reflexologist to improve patient experience and outcomes.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and most people, I can provide treatments for any age, 0-100 years plus, and can work with those who are pregnant or wishing to become pregnant.

There are a few reasons whereby it would be advisable to wait  before a treatment can commence and you would be advised prior to attending your first appointment.


What to expect.
You will be invited to provide a health history, and then I can develop a treatment plan depending on your priorities. The first consultation will take at least an extra half an hour longer ensuring you receive a full assessment and treatment with after care advice.

You will be welcomed into a professional but homely environment. You will be invited to relax in a treatment chair that slightly reclines, snuggled into a duvet or light covering. Hot towels, premium grade facial/foot products and my skills and experience ensure your relaxing treatment.

All clients receive a welcome pack with advice cards and after each treatment a bespoke advice sheet will be developed ready for your next session if you discuss or a particular well-being requirement is noted.

I use a range of reflexology techniques to suit your needs but in the main the reflexology provided is a light and blended approach bringing together the variety or techniques I have learnt and developed over the years.

Zone Face Lift lifts your face, mind and spirit. It is a magical blend of facial reflexology, face lift massage techniques with time for relaxation which can include a luxurious facial.

Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies and Children is a shorter treatment time according to your child’s needs. It is beautiful calming treatment and the pace is matched to the individual, I also use this on adults. This is a 1:1 treatment.

I am also able, as an instructor, to teach a group of parents over a 6 week period a routine with their babies/children.

Hot stone reflexology is a treatment where basalt stones are heated and are used on the reflexes with the aim that the warmth of the stones increases the level of relaxation and energy flow.

Preconception to Maternity Care is reflexology treatment specifically focusing on people who are planning a family.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage is an such an fantastic therapy adapted from the theory of manual lymph drainage and is seeing encouraging results for those with lymphoedema.

Vertical Reflexology Treatment is a treatment that can be undertaking standing up, sitting in a chair. This is particular good for wheelchair bound clients, those who require a shorter therapy time. Some sports team use this technique as part of their holistic care of their teams. The difference with this therapy is that the weight bearing hand or foot will increase the sensitivity of the nerve reflexes increasing the energetic response of the body.

After Care. Following a treatment you will be provided with after care/ general advice cards and hand and/or face reflexology points to support your care at home.